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In the field of digital signage, the monitor – or rather the display – represents the core of the built-in hardware.

For the benefit of a smoothly running system, our strongest advice would be not to accept any compromise.

Our access to market´s most popular manufacturers allows us to be constantly up to date with their latest products.


High-quality monitors and displays are a precondition to error-free display systems – especially for 24/7 operation.

Being an enclosure manufacturer, we primarily provide the possibility to equip our products with the customer`s own monitors. Nevertheless, if required we offer delivery including monitors, paying particular attention to the relevant application. Independant of brands, we still attach great importance to quality, reliability, guarantee benefits, bring-in-service and, most of all, to long-term availability of the respective models.

As a system partner we offer AG Neovo products for digital signage and monitoring systems.

The large number of available models provides us with the possibility to choose the perfect product for your needs and intended applications. Please find further informations at

Touch Technology

Turn your digital display system into an interactive system capable of integrating people!

Using interactive displays provides a wide variety of advantages, adding great value to your product. We provide our products with a touch technology equipped expansion stage, made possible by PCAP foil being applied to the back of the protection glass.

Available touch sensibility from 2 to 40 points. Please contact us for further consultation.