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Indoor Digital-Signage

On custumer request we develop, construct and manufacture individual indoor wall enclosures and totems, ensuring reliable results fit to meet the challenges of everyday use.

POS displays as well as information systems are being developed in close cooperation with our customers to best meet the respective requirements and particular applications. Our high-quality totems are made of steel or aluminum, equipped with high-quality electronic componens by exclusively renowned manufacturers. The sophisticated products are service-friendly, highly stable and meet the corresponding „Made in Germany“ DIN standards.

Anything is possible!

Additional options like touch funcionality, printer, scanner, cameras, loudspeaker or fingerprint scanner as well as RFID solutions are available upon request.

We are looking forward to putting your projects into action!

Indoor Totems

Digital information systems are increasingly part of every day life, facilitating human-to-human information transfer.

Application possibilities are next to unlimited. As a hardware manufacturer we provide the tools to reproduce information content – reliably, durably and made to suit the exterior environment.

Areas of application:

  • Guidance systems
  • Digital advertising board (interactivity optional)
  • Information systems for museums, gyms, shopping malls, etc.

The systems show high-quality designs, they are service-friendly, stable and are being manufactured in accordance to the respective DIN standards and „Made in Germany“.

Numerous options like touch functionality, chemical anti-glare, etc. on demand.

Protection Frame

Especially when placed in public or impact-intensive spaces, high-quality displays require appropriate display protection.

The frames cover the sensitive monitor displays and provide effective protection against damage. Capacitive touch foil is optional, facilitating the interactive use of the monitor. Available frame sizes (diagonal screen sizes) range from 32 to 75 inches. Wall mounting with spacers.

Areas of application:

  • School information systems
  • Gyms
  • Public buildings (offices, libraries, museums, shops, etc.)

POS Systems

POS systems are mainly being used for sales promotion. By equipping them digitally, e.g. with interactive content, you can turn a classic solution into a customer attraction.

We develop, construct and manufacture customer-specific POS display systems. Do you have a project that needs to be individually tailored to your or your customer´s needs? We are looking forward to supporting you in realizing your projects.